A Revolutionary Training Aid for Recreational Players and Beginners of All Ages Tennis today is played with such velocity that gravity is unable to keep a player’s shots in the court. But with topspin they can hit powerful shots that dip back into the court no matter where they are. That’s why well over 90% of tennis strokes are now hit with topspin. Mastering it unlocks an exponentially better level of tennis. And because it delivers such consistency the sooner a player acquires the skill the better. Until now it has not been easy to teach oneself topspin. Players often try to roll their wrist over the ball. This generates topspin but in a terribly unreliable way. If you hit the ball fractionally early it’s out the back, and if you hit it fractionally late it ends up in the net. A coach might be able to help but instructions like “swing low to high” and “brush up the back of the ball” are meaningless if the player can’t actually feel what topspin feels like and see what the racket is supposed to do. The TopspinPro training aid changes all of that. It allows you to instantly replicate the exact bio-mechanics of the modern tennis groundstroke. With the TopspinPro you can repeat the correct stroke fifty times in a minute. This repetition is critical to learning a new habit as it locks in the muscle-memory. Moments later you’ll be hitting perfect topspin. How does the TopspinPro work? By forcing you to keep the angle of your racket face constant and allowing you to feel what it’s like to brush the ball, not hit it, the TopspinPro combines both the visual and kinaesthetic elements essential to genuine accelerated learning. It focuses on the impact zone (30 cm pre and post contact) where the racket face is typically between 75 & 80 degrees and encourages the use of the wrist to generate the spin. In fact, the TopspinPro is so good it won’t let you swing the wrong way!Top Spin Pro mit transporttasche und Aufbauanleitung
Das beste Trainingsgerät für Tennis
Sie können ganz viele Videos von Top Spin Pro auf Facebook oder Youtube anschauen
Aufbau: https://youtu.be/AiyVg3g0GdQ, Top Spin lernen: https://youtu.be/UQd0Lc_Ug4c, wie kann mann die Top Spin benutzen:https://youtu.be/PVyGEGddKgs
Gewicht: 2kg, Maße: 70 x 30 cm

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